Before & After Garden Photos

Before & After Garden Paver Lane Way

Mud Rock Landscaping

Finding the right design for your space

Opinions are subjective and so everyone's opnion on what 'looks great' can differ largely. We always recommend seeing a number of examples of gardens that you like online and bookmarking them. Driving around the block can also give you tips & hins of elements that you would like to incorporate into your design. It's important to choose design elements 'you' are happy with and not something someone has suggested 'looks good'.

Our Service

We uphold a high level of service for all customers and ensure customers are always more than satisfied with the works before completion & handover. We will liase with you during the project to ensure works are being completed as arranged.

Australian Hardy Plants

We use local Australian native plants where possible. They are hardy, come in a range of stunning colours and can be incorporated in most designs.

Rain Gardens

We also cater for rain gardens and can install them across Melbourne yards assuming the guidelines for the spacing from home can be met. More info on Rain Gardens

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